Mother Teresa Memorial Awards 2017









Mother Teresa Memorial Awards 2017


For their unceasing, unrelenting humanitarian efforts for refugees.

Priyanka Chopra

For being a passionate philanthropist and the voice to the voiceless, lending her support to Child Rights and refugee children globally as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil

For his bravery, resilience & forgiving heart.

Mercy Corps

For empowering victims worldwide and instilling in them hope for a better future.

Hellenic Rescue Team

For their swift action to search and rescue thousands of refugees from perilous waters.

Shigeru Ban

For his innovative designs to provide quick and effective housing for disaster victims across the world.


For providing the three essentials- food, water and clothing to refugees and for raising awareness against human trafficking.

Khalsa Aid

For recognizing the whole human race as one by providing necessary humanitarian relief in disaster and conflict zones.

Caritas Internationalis

For working among the world’s most vulnerable people and providing holistic solutions by being the helping hand of the Catholic Church.

Bayat Foundation

For being the agents of hope and support in rebuilding the neediest of the needy in Afghanistan.

Zakat Foundation of India

 For working in India to safeguard the right and well-being of refugees.


For providing humanitarian relief and holistic support to refugees.