Mr. Ujjwal Uke


India’s children are India’s future as the strength of the nation lies in a healthy, protected, educated and well developed child population that will grow up to be productive citizens of the country. Every day or other, cases related toChild sex abuse make headlines! This scourge which is an alarming problem in the country and of course a national shame is often a hidden phenomenon shrouded in secrecy under the conspiracy of silence because of the culture of shame. In accordance with the Government of India’s commitment to women and children’s issues, the Ministry of Women and Child Development was created in early 2006. Enamoured by the provisions of this docket has emerged a bureaucrat moved with compassion to tackle this evil that leaves children traumatized, and emotionally scarred and disfigured. Born in Nagpur, Ujjwal Narayan Uke spent his childhood in Nagarjunasagar(AP), Ranchi, Bastar, Faridabad, Panna and Delhi. Graduating in Economics with honours from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, he went on to do his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Gaining 6 years experience in fields like Sales, Marketing and Finance, he joined the IAS in 1985, where he was allotted the Maharashtra cadre, and presently serves in the capacity of the Principal Secretary of the Women and Child Development as well as the State’s Children’s Rights panel. His father, a rationalist, who was against all dogmas and rituals, had a great influence in developing an inquisitive and open mind in his son that has in turn led him to be a crusader for social justice. Ujjwal Uke has made tremendous efforts to sensitize eminent judges, lawyers, state prosecutors, police officers, members of Juvenile Justice Board, child welfare committee, doctors and healthcare professionals about the scourge of child sex abuse which has led to formulating and thorough implementation of stringent laws such as Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012, to effectively counter this scourge in the State of Maharashtra. He has also run the extra mile to ensure that people from the lower strata of society raise their voices against child sexual abuse so that immediate and severe action can be taken against the perpetrators of this heinous offence. The manner in which he has brought to the fore the scourge of child sex abuse is remarkable. Largely because of his initiative, Maharashtra has declared zero tolerance towards child sexual abuse.