Udaan (TV Series)


Television is a communication medium that is used for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound. It has also played a pivotal role in the socialization of the 20th and 21st centuries. The television set has today become common place in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a medium for entertainment, advertising and news. It has also become the primary medium for moulding public opinion. The Box can be a very powerful and effective tool for promoting social justice and creating awareness when used creatively. Gurudev Bhalla through his creative genius has used Udaan, an Indian television drama series, premiered on the 18th of August 2014, and starring the child artiste Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead role, to highlight the issue of bonded labour in Indian villages. Set in rural Uttar Pradesh, where bonded labour still exists, the series sends a powerful social message through the medium of television to stop child labour. The series has proved that television can be a force for good and can be used to change perceptions and outlooks for the betterment of society, especially in these times when many television serials focus on sentimental stories of various levels of entertainment to escape from reality. Child labour and exploitation continue to remain a curse, which is a matter of shame for India. Bhalla has ensured that Udaan beomes a mission to highlight the grave issue of bonded labour in Indian villages and the child artist playing the lead role is a symbol for the unrealised hopes of countless Indian children suppressed by this barbaric practice of child bonded-labour. The manner in which Udaan has ensured that the story of suffering children in rural India is told in living rooms through the medium of the television is remarkable.