Mr. T.N. Seshan


The man who would never back down! Ignoring threats and entrenched interests of partisan politics, the brave and courageous TN Seshan helped clean up India’s elections. The appointment of TN Seshan as the 10th Chief Election Commissioner in 1991 was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of India’s parliamentary democracy. He not only reinvigorated the Election Commission, but was also largely successful in curbing electoral malpractices in the country. By cancelling or ordering re-polling in those areas where irregularities were reported, by taking strict action against those who were found guilty of dereliction of duty and by deploying paramilitary forces in sensitive areas, Seshan implemented the Election Commission’s model Code of Conduct with great effect and forced everyone to realize that this Constitutional body has teeth. By the time his occupancy of the esteemed office was concluded in December 1996, he had set very high standards for his successors, who have by and large, managed to maintain the sanctity of this constitutional body, which is responsible for holding free and fair elections in the world’s largest democracy. T.N Seshan is revered for his honesty and integrity throughout his stint as Chief Election Commissioner of India. Besides ensuring the autonomy and integrity of the Election Commission, T N Seshan has through reforming the electoral system, secured social justice and strengthened democracy by raising the level of the voter’s awareness to rise above partisan politics.