Mr. Sangthankima


“Whatsoever you do to the least of these brothers of mine, you do for me” – “The poor you will always have with you” — These timeless, yet timely words of the Saviour continue to resonate through the noble deeds of the selfless. Thutak Nunpuitu Team (TNT) founded by Dr. Sangthankima on the 14th of November 1988 at Champhai town is a voluntary social service organization and is a unique set-up to execute a triple purpose of maintaining a Deaddiction cum Rehabilitation Centre for substance abusers and alcoholics; an Orphanage, home for street children and abandoned children; and a Mental Home for mentally challenged persons. On attaining the age of 20, Dr. Sangthankima committed his life to Christ and the pursuit of helping those in need of guidance, serving the poor and the destitute in order to lead them right so that they abstain from social evil and be eventually restored. At present TNT provides treatment and rehabilitation for 1125 inmates. A residential school covering Nursery to Class X with an early childhood care and education centre, an adult and vocational training centre has been successfully run with the object of physical and intellectual upliftment of the inmates since 1998.
TNT is therefore a home for the down and out, destitute, street people, the mentally and physically challenged and a hospice for the terminally ill HIV/AIDS patients. It is estimated that since its inception, at least 260 mental patients, 850 drug addicts and 1500 alcoholics have fully recovered in the facility and a big number of them have been rehabilitated and reintegrated with their families. The institution which sprung up from humble beginnings of attending to one or two alcoholics has grown over the years to be a temporary shelter for a number of people from North East region and also those from other parts of the country who have gone there with a firm belief that they will be delivered from their captivity. TNT right from inception has been run without issue of creed, religion, and caste which are dividers and reasons for alienation. Because of the value it has added to society through its unique contributions so far, this institution has appropriately exemplified TNT which implies ‘Practical Exemplar of the Truth’.