The former Miss Universe who answers questions with ease, is part of social outreach campaigns, and is someone who is not afraid to stand up for causes she believes in, Sushmita Sen embodies the New Woman.
Her courage, her stand, her quick wit and charm, besides the fact that she is someone who works for the betterment of the girl child is what puts this actor at the pedestal of social welfare.
Sushmita had the courage to defy norms and societal conventions to adopt two baby girls and become a single-mother, proving that a woman is what fits the definition of strength and this is just one of the aspects which makes her a confident woman, in the true sense of the phrase.
Born in Hyderabad, she attended schooling in different parts of the country and eventually in New Delhi where she became an English honours student, and also obtained a degree in journalism.
Despite winning highly prestigious national and global accolades, she supports Procter &Gamble’s Project Shiksha that focuses on the development of children with special needs –Education being the top priority.
Sushmita Sen is not someone who is insulated from the pain of the masses, but an entity who involves herself in social causes and helps various organisations work for the betterment of those in need.
It is this attitude of hers which has propelled her as someone who is well respected and loved for her courage, dignity and strength.

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil

For his bravery, resilience & forgiving heart.