Smt. Sumaira Abdulali hails from a family legacy of stalwarts who have led social and environmental struggles.

She chose to let go of a generic easy life and took up environmental issues, but her journey as an environmental activist has not been easy. Sumaira’s interest on issues of the environment was first translated into action when she undertook an effort to clear encroachments and agitate against CRZ violations in 1998. Thousands of fishermen from several fishing communities who were adversely affected by encroachments on public roads supported the campaign which resulted in Sumaira obtaining an Order from the Collector of Raigad ordering the encroached roads to be cleared.

Since 2003 Sumaira has worked on environmental issues such as noise pollution, illegal sand mining, marine pollution and oil spills, eco friendly festivals, protection of trees and on civic issues such as laws on tobacco sale to children.

Sumaira’s tireless efforts in the field of controlling noise levels in Mumbai have made citizens from every strata realize that putting up with noise is not an ‘unavoidable’ suffering as confirmed in this festival season.

Sumaira was physically attacked twice for her consistent opposition to sand mining from beaches. Thereafter a public interest litigation filed by Awaaz Foundation resulted in an order banning sand mining in CRZ areas, and the Bombay High Court has now completely banned all sand mining activity in the State of Maharashtra.

The Borderless World Foundation: for Rehabilitation & Restoration of the Victims of the Kashmir War The profound experiences of Shri. Adik Kadam in the conflict ridden frontier districts of Kashmir despite great risk to his personal life and safety led to the birth of The Borderless World Foundation in May 2002. The BWF thus arose as an NGO with the aim of providing a ‘humane face’ to the border areas of India and beyond.

The Borderless World Foundation focuses on healthcare, education, rehabilitation of orphans & widows, women empowerment, migrants & refugees, and Empowerment through Employment in remote and disadvantaged border areas. It has launched its rehabilitation projects in the districts of Kupwara, Budgam, and Anantnag to emotionally and psychologically rebuild children who have been traumatised and devastated in the on going skirmishes. With the hope of making a positive difference to many more lives, and guided by the vision of striving for a beautiful borderless world through collective voluntary action in a situation riddled with conflicts, the BWF intends to reach out to other districts and areas in Kashmir, Jammu and Ladhakh.